Inpatient Rehab in Grand Prairie, TX

Although the path to successful detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction is never an easy one, some options provide higher levels of success than other opportunities, depending on the individual's history of abuse and health status. Inpatient rehab in Grand Prairie provides access to a structured environment offering therapeutic programs, emotional support, and a safe place to live while undergoing treatment.

During their stay at an inpatient rehab treatment center, patients learn about the multi-faceted nature of drug addiction, giving them a better understanding of the cognitive and mental aspects of addiction in addition to the physical ones. The benefits offered by the individualized treatment provided at inpatient rehab for addiction are numerous, giving patients one of the best opportunities to recover from their addiction successfully as well as for the long term.

What is Inpatient Rehab in Grand Prairie?

Offering supervised care throughout the entire day and evening, inpatient rehab for addiction delivers a safe and secure environment where patients can begin the healing process. Detoxification, which is the first step, begins under medical supervision, ensuring the patient detoxes safely. Since the environment is controlled and all sources of temptation are eliminated, drug detox in Grand Prairie is typically successful for patients entering an inpatient rehab treatment center voluntarily. In cases of severe addiction, medically managed withdrawal might be recommended. It allows the patient to detox under close supervision by a physician who keeps tabs on the individual's physical and mental status at all times. Patients receive individual and group therapy throughout the detox and rehab process, providing ongoing support and guidance to assist in recovery.

What is the Difference between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

The primary difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab is the simple fact that patients undergoing inpatient rehab must reside at the facility whereas individuals receiving outpatient rehab can leave the facility once their daily sessions are completed. Inpatient rehab for addiction delivers comprehensive treatment on a 24-hour basis, while outpatient rehab involves more of a part-time therapeutic endeavor. Outpatient rehab relies heavily on the individual's ability to maintain sobriety during the hours away from the facility and the support it provides.

Inpatient rehab in Grand Prairie involves the same type of therapeutic encounters as outpatient treatment. Patients receive individual and group counseling throughout both situations, providing the tools needed to achieve a successful break from addictive behaviors. Whether you are staying at an inpatient rehab treatment center or you are participating in outpatient rehab, the end goal is the same -- successful recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction.

How to Know if Inpatient is Right for Me

How do people decide whether they need inpatient or outpatient treatment programs in Grand Prairie for their drug addiction? This decision requires careful consideration, particularly if you have little support on the outside. Voluntary admission into an inpatient rehab treatment center is highly recommended if the following circumstances apply to you:

  • You care more about using drugs than anything else, including eating, sleeping, and working.
  • You need to use higher quantities of drugs to get high than in the past.
  • You are not paying attention to signs that you are in poor health.
  • You do not care that you are placing your life at risk through your addictive tendencies.
  • You are not taking your prescribed medications to treat existing medical conditions.
  • Your family and friends have disowned you and are not going to be able to help you get through this phase of your life.
  • You do not have a safe place to live while attempting to quit using drugs.
  • You have tried to quit in the past, and you have failed.
  • You use drugs frequently throughout the day.
  • You quit successfully in the past, but you have relapsed.
  • You have a mental disorder that also needs to be addressed during the detox, rehab, and recovery processes.

Quite notably, inpatient rehab for addiction appears to offer higher chances of success due to the fact that the patient is completely separated from influencing people and circumstances. They are not exposed to temptation during the entire process, enabling them to focus on recovery without the natural fear of slipping into bad habits before actually weaning themselves successfully from their drugs of choice.

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